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Tower Offense

Time to switch sides, instead of defending, switch place and try to get through the enemy turrets. Plan waves, create new types of units and downgrade your enemy turrets.


  • A playable level, currently only one level, but it can be difficult.
  • Construct waves and send them into the enemy.
  • Create new units with unique look, name and stats.
  • Downgrade the enemy turrets, lowering their overall stats

However, the game still missing some things, including:

  1. Lack of animations, that are only few basic animations for turrets.
  2. The game may be un-balanced currently, if you want to play-test and contribute please tell me in the comments.
  3. Currently, there is only one level.
  4. The game have sounds but not many.

UPDATE: tweaked a couple of numbers to make the game more beatable

Install instructions

Extract the winrar and hit Tower Offense.exe


Tower Offense 14 MB
Credits.txt 496 bytes

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