A downloadable game for Windows

Word Typer challenge you to type down words as fast as you can.
Earn score for each word you type until you run out of life.
Your highest score is recorded.


  • 4 Difficulties levels - Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane
  • 3 Game Modes - Casual, Normal, Time
  • Stats - Your highest score and total number of words you've typed are saved!
  • 5,000 different words

I made this game in my free time to improve my skills as a developer and for my personal enjoyment.

If you find any bug or have a suggestion for improvement, please tell me.

Update 1.1: Fixed a bug causing the game to be over after 120 seconds regardless of the current game mode.

Update 1.2:

 The input bar is now more visible.

Input will now auto focus and will always register.


Word Typer 1.2 16 MB

Install instructions

Winrar is required.

Extract and run WordTyper.exe to play

Development log


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Hello, I downloaded your game and I tested it. I discover, that , with the difficulty level at easy, in normal mode whatever our life is, the game ends at 120s. It seems like a bug. Do you want more details ?


Hey, thank you for reporting this bug, it's now fixed with the 1.1 version ! 

Thank you again.


Thanks, it's ok now !

But, i have some new propositions ^^

1) May the word be recognize even if it begins with a blank or a space ?

2) When we hit enter, can we be re-focus on the text input ?

I lost a lot of life with this errors ^^

Although it's a cool game to lear to type english without error !

Hey, I've updated the game.

Now the input bar is much more visible.

Any input will now register, you don't need to worry about input field focus anymore.

I've decided to not implement the first suggestion as I feel this is part of the game challenge, to type precisely without any mistakes.

Glad to hear you enjoy this game even after all this time since it's release!

If you have more suggestions, I will be glad to hear them.